Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 2: Getting Your Tech On!

Nerd Merit Badge (0203)photo © 2010 Jason Dean | more info (via: Wylio)
Another semester begins. . .I hope the first day wasn't too bad for the non-techies nor too slow for the technophiles.  We should settle in to a comfortable pace in another week or so.  As a fan of collaborative learning and knowledge sharing, I highly encourage you to help your peers when you can and to feel comfortable asking for help.  Technology is one of those things that can either frustrate you or empower you, depending on the day or the time. . .

You should have your ISTE and TaskStream accounts set up, and your intro letter text should be written and on a blog post.  This week, I will show you how to get an image inside of your post and how to submit the assignment in CougarCourses. If your blog isn't linked under class blogs, ensure that I get your address ASAP!  If you click on your name and your blog doesn't link, ensure you submitted the correct address. . .small, easy fixes ;-)

Class This Week:  You will also create an iGoogle page, learn how to change the design of your blog, and look at the settings.  Also, I will introduce the Journal Articles 1-5 assignment and discuss file naming conventions. If we have time, I'll discuss the self-portrait scanning assignment.

Journal 1: "Do Web 2.0 Right," by Daniel Light.  This article can be found in the February 2011 issue of Learning and Leading with Technology (L&L)

This Week's Question: Who is your current favorite band or musician?
I will always say "current favorite," so it takes the pressure off of having to name your "all-time favorite" anything.  Radiohead is probably my favorite, but I have been listening to a lot of Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon lately. . .

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog Address

Click Here to give my your blog information. . .please ensure that your link works. . .it will help me greatly

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 1: Welcome to ED422!

Welcome to another awesome semester of EDUC 422. . .Technology Tools for Education. I expect that you will learn a lot about how to integrate technology into the classroom, as well as learn how to ramp-up your so-called digital life ;-)

I will use this blog to keep everyone updated on the weekly requirements for the course, as well as model for you how to create a blog for your future classroom!  I need you to read each entry carefully, as I will be giving away $50 a week to the person who finds the hidden gnome k this very post. . .okay, not really, but I need everyone to read each entry ;-)

Technical Issues:  
First order of business:  If you do not have a Gmail Address/Account, you need to get one!  (and no, your CSUSM email does not count).  Don't worry, I have worked it out with Google to give you free email accounts!
You will be asked to join and/or participate in a number of web-based tools, software, etc. . .I recommend that you find a user name that identifies you, is appropriate for school/parents, and one that you can remember. . .
While this course has no required text, you will be required to subscribe to ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education (see link on this blog), as well as purchase a subscription to TaskStream, an online portfolio generator.  
     For TaskStream (also linked on this blog): You will need to self-enroll in the Local TPE.      
     Here are the code you will need:
                                               Local TPE: 6SG3BA

I will also ask you weekly questions on this blog that you will need to answer. Some are related to education and most are related you your lives. . .It allows me to build community while ensuring that you are reading the weekly posts!

This Week's Question:
 What is your current favorite piece of technology and why? (currently, I think I would have to say my iPad. . .although my quest to beat Angry Birds is almost becoming an obsession)