Intro Letter Instructions

Write a three-paragraph letter of introduction to me and your classmates that you will post on your class blog. You can see a sample Intro Letter of yours truly on the blog!

Title:  Include your Name and some text. . .Introducing. . .etc.

1st paragraph: Introduce yourself, including where you went to school from k-college.

2nd paragraph: Where are you on the technology continuum?  Discuss your experiences and how well you like/dislike this whole computer thing. . .

3rd paragraph: Read the CSUSM/COE Mission Statement (It’s on the syllabus) and respond to any part of the statement that speaks to you. Was it a factor in your decision to apply at CSUSM?

Include a
digital picture of yourself inside the blog post (see sample Intro Letter).

comment on at least three other peers' blogs.

To submit in Moodle: include your blog link and the names of the peers whose blogs you commented on.

Grading: Three points for the intro/pic on blog; two points for peer comments.